Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tux Paint - On Sugar OS

Today I used a program called Tux Paint, it is like paint on Microsoft Windows.

What you can do on Tux Paint is draw things, and you can also colour objects and do much much more. It is like paint and photoshop joined together.

The positives, it has many features from photoshop, you can blur, burn, smudge, and much more. For the negatives Tux Paint didn't have any, it is very fun to use, good to use and best of all it is very easy to use.

What I found interesting was that Tux Paint has ALOT of features.

What you will learn from this program is the basics of drawing. You draw, colour, erase. Just like drawing things on a real paper.

Here is a screenshot of the picture of MyBlog and I done.

I rate Tux Paint a 9/10. It is really fun and easy to use and the age it is aimed for is 5 and over



  1. Great drawing and positive review.

    But you did miss out on a couple of things:
    - the rating
    - what learning happens
    - age suitability

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