Monday, November 23, 2009

Evaluation of Sugar

1) Rate each of the following out of 5:
Guest speaker: Rosemary about Timor Leste - 4/5
Guest speak: Joel about the xo - 5/5
Physics - 4/5
SVG icon and Linux command line - 5/5
Turtle Art - 3/5
Other activity evaluation - 5/5
Etoys - 3/5
Scratch - 5/5

2) Now write about
Three things that I have learnt was to use the Linux terminal on Sugar OS, how to make things do random things using scripts and I also learnt how to hack sugar.

Three things I enjoyed doing was to hacking sugar because It was fun typing and changing things around. I also enjoyed using scratch and using some sugar activities like physics because they were easy to use and fun to use because you can make many things with them.

Three things I didn't like was Etoys because it is very confusing to use. I also didn't like Turtle Art because I found it very boring to use and I also didn't like when Sugar kept freezing because of its bugs it has or had.

3) State which was the following with reasons:
The best thing I liked was hacking sugar because I like to change things around on my computer so I enjoyed that activity.

The worst was using Etoys because it is very hard to use.

The most interesting thing was Physics because you can make so many things with just one activity.

The most difficult was Etoys because it is hard to use because of all the confusing scripts it has.

4) XO

I think XO/OLPC is a good idea because many kids around the world are not educated and the XO/OLPC can help them with all the activity it offers. For example the kids could use the ebook reader and the XO will read the ebook for them.

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