Friday, July 31, 2009

Sugar Activity

Today I used Physics on Sugar, It's an activity that allows you to make shapes and move them, you can make the shapes spin, fall, etc. I like it because you can make a game on it, I have made a game where you have to throw the ball into the bucket, first to five wins.

The activity is very fun, it is very fun when playing with friends, you'll use this activity every time your on sugar.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Guest Speakers

We were listening to guest speakers, they told us what East Timor is like

East Timor is an hour away from Darwin, East Timor has very nice tropical weather. The Port in East Timor is an important place for supplies to come in from other countries by boat. There is also the Australian Army and United Nation trying to keep the peace in East Timor. East Timor's just decided language is Portuguese, at the moment the locals speak tetun. The beaches in East Timor is usually packed. The Locals in East Timor called foreigners mallia.

The guest speakers met some missionaries from Brazil, they help with the language translation. One of the missionaries project is to try and help bring water down from the mountains to the village for suitable drinking water. The Education in East Timor is very undeveloped, kids will usually bring a book and pen to school, no lunch, etc. The lifestyle of East Timor is very challenging for both kids and foreigners, the families have to work very hard to keep their family going.

Most people in East Timor own a scooter for transport. The local supermarket is called LEADER, they sell furniture, food, mainly everything for a home. The XO computer has been introduced to the kids in East Timor, the XO helps kids with their learning, allows them to access the internet and much more. The country also has a classes setted up by people from other countries wanting to help the kids.

I thought it was great that the guest speakers came because I learnt new things about East Timor and XO.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sugar Impressions

My first impression of Sugar is that the operating system is very fun to use, the games on it are very fun. I think the operating system is used for group activities. I played the Shape game on sugar with dude, gijoe619 and displayname07. Sugar had some really interesting and fun other activities, there is chatting, games, and other fun activities. I also noticed the loading of the applications, the loading of everything is very fast. The operating system can be used on normal computers and the Xo/olpc.